Anthony Kalsow

" Anthony has five years’ experience fishing the top Australian Bream tournament… "

Anthony has five years’ experience fishing the top Australian Bream tournaments. Like everyone else on the Pro Lure pro staff, Kalsow has enjoyed significant tournament success. With multiple top 5 finishes under his belt, 2014 proved a notch up from previous years, where 3 second place finishes clearly demonstrated Kalsow was coming of age as a Bream specialist. It takes significant angling skills to finish so highly and, consistently. Competition is fierce, and Anthony will tell you that only those competitors who refine their skills and, have a great team like Pro Lure behind them, can dance a little on the winner’s podium.
Anthony is based on the NSW South Coast. The St Georges Basin is his watery home away from home and more often than not, you’ll find him there. In the warmer months he’ll be casting a Pro Lure Crank in the shallows, honing his Bream technique. Come winter, he’ll head deep with soft plastics. While a Bream aficionado, Kalsow is passionate about all of our estuary favourites. He has a thing for dropping plastics at big Duskies, as do many of us, and with a personal best of 98cm, he is still in pursuit of the ever elusive, meter plus Holy Grail of Lizards.

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