Charlotte Doherty

" The hapless Carp is accused of a lot of things here in Australia. Not many of th… "

The hapless Carp is accused of a lot of things here in Australia. Not many of these accusations are particularly positive. However, for Charlotte Doherty, a carp session on the Nepean back in 2013, armed with an ultra light 1000 reel, strapped to a rod rated to 3kg, saw the birth of a new passion. Several fish over 80cm, plus a whopper at 93cm, a personal best, had Charlotte completely hooked, and more than ready to expand her credentials beyond the ubiquitous European invader. Bass, of course, was next on the hit list and after many hours trekking along skinny creeks, searching for that next honey hole, she was lucky enough to land a deeply snagged 40cm Bass, a personal best. She is still on the endless search for that ever elusive upgrade.
When the Bass season has closed, Charlotte feels the call of the salt. Here, she loves to target Bream and flathead with Pro Lure. She likes to work her lures with a pop, pop, drop then repeat. This technique was responsible for landing her first Mulloway. Fishing light, it nearly smoked her but with 85cm of Jewfish landed and photographed, she now had a new species to obsess over. A Sydney girl, Doherty loves to fish the Georges, Darling Harbour and St Georges basin, when she gets the chance. For Charlotte, it’s all about catch and release. Part of her fishing passion is seeing her catch swimming off and growing, ready to fight another day. Doherty is a huge fan of the Pro Lure Brand and is always keen to offer her insights and feedback to support the rise and rise of Pro Lure.

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