Dominic Deschanel

" Deschanel fondly recalls fishing the beaches with his dad and brother. Early mo… "

Deschanel fondly recalls fishing the beaches with his dad and brother. Early morning starts, the excitement of hooking into Tailor and Salmon, was always followed by the ritual Maccas breakfast on the way home from a successful session. A Sydney boy, Dominic learned his craft from his father and cousin. His skills were grounded in the essential basics of pumping nippers and throwing them live at Bream and Whiting. He has grown up with a rod in his hand and believes his love of fishing is was in his blood. Like so many of us, his passion for fishing grew out of the frequent family holidays, hunting estuary favourites with friends and family. With the purchase of his first tinny, Deschanel came to know the Georges river and Port Hacking like the back of his hand. Countless voyages casting everything at anything eventually led to the discovery of artificials.
After a personal best Bream on a soft plastic, Dominic began some hard experimentation with lure tactics and techniques. It is this knowledge, gained the traditional way of, hard hours on the water that has made him a valued member of the ProLure team. Now days, he mostly fishes lures, especially soft plastics. If he travels anywhere there might be a hint of water, he’ll be sure to pack a rod and selection of artificials. Kingies, Bream and Lizards from the Georges are his staple but recent offshore trips, landing Marlin and Tuna have seen a new talent and passion arise.
His attachment to Pro Lure is personal. A long standing friendship and fishing comradery with Pro Lure designer Heath McGeachie, has seen Dominic well intertwined with the rise and rise of Pro Lure. He loves the product. He also loves trialling and testing new lures, providing feedback and his well-considered, valuable advice.

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