Duane Macey

" Macey is a fresh water specialist. Hailing from Moree in country NSW, he grew up… "

Macey is a fresh water specialist. Hailing from Moree in country NSW, he grew up chasing Yellow Belly and Cod in his local waterways. He would never have expected that the wild fishing adventures of country boy, exploring brooks, dams, rivers and puddles suspected of holding fish would culminate in earning a name for himself as a respected tournament angler. Often, it’s the discoveries we make as kids, using our imagination and persistence that provides such a wonderful foundation for the skills we often take for granted as we mature.
Around 10 years ago, Macey began to focus on Bass. This focus grew into a desire to compete. Now, Macey is a 5 year veteran of the Hobie, ABT and Bass Nation tournaments. His results have been excellent, with two, top five finishes in the Angler of the Year in the ABT, as well as top five finishes in Hobie Kayak rounds. 2014 saw victory for Macey in the Glenbawn ABT in the non-boater category. He also scored a top 10 finish in the Angler of the Year.
Duane is a proud Pro Lure angler and loves sporting the Pro Lure brand. Pro Lure support, and lures have been paramount in his quest for greater competition success. He loves throwing Pro Lure in his favourite haunts at Glenbawn, Lake Cania, and Lake St Clair. There is nothing better, he says, than rolling soft plastics and hopping blades in these perfect, pristine Aussie waterways.

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