" Heath McGeachie is the heart, soul and unstoppable drive behind the Pro Lure bra… "

Heath McGeachie is the heart, soul and unstoppable drive behind the Pro Lure brand. Based in Sydney, Heath is usually out fishing Australias’ iconic and historical Botany Bay. While the Bay might be his regular haunt, he is currently spending a lot of time offshore chasing game fish. The Deep Blue is, however, quite some nautical miles from his real passion. McGeachie is a dyed in the wool inshore hunter. He’s obsessed with Bream and Mulloway and loves pulling big Kingfish out of the wash on light spin gear. Sydney harbour has some massive Kingfish, monsters that are more than possible from little jetties off Vaucluse. That’s enough to get any angler inside the heads.

As a young boy, Heath learned his angling skills from his father during their frequent holidays to the fishing paradise of Port Stephens. Here, rock and beach fishing were the order of the day and it wasn’t until later that he discovered the world of lures. Sussex inlet in Southern NSW was the place McGeachie first played with artificials. After purchasing some handmade hard bodies from a local market, Heath began throwing them at Bream and Flathead. He was astonished by the concept of tricking fish to the bite with a manmade object.

He could not have imagined that this early amazement would eventually become Pro Lure.
With drawing and design in his blood, with a deep love of fishing and a passion for lures, hindsight has demonstrated that Heaths’ commercial venture into lure design was an odds on bet. For Heath, Pro Lure is the culmination of a perfect mix of passions, focused into a product and designed to be shared. Seeing so many anglers using his products is extremely satisfying. Revelling in the tournament victories of Pro Lure pro staff has been profoundly rewarding. McGeachie knows the Pro Lure brand will continue to endure and succeed. He knows Pro Lure is destined for tournament podiums and trophies but, just as importantly, is destined for the tackle boxes of all Australians who share his passion for fishing with lures.

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