Luke Kay

" “In the last 12 months I have won four and finished second twice from the last… "

“In the last 12 months I have won four and finished second twice from the last six starts. This success has coincided with becoming a part of the Pro Lure Fishing Team. The introduction of Pro Lure Grub tails and Live Yabbies has been paramount to my recent success.”
Sydney based tournament angler Luke Kay, recalls his 19th year as the period when he really started to embrace the finer points of angling. Looking back, the 35 year old carpenter attributes his development in the sport to, now good friend, Lynden Briggs. Lynden, a gun angler himself, introduced Kay to the world of lure fishing and helped him develop techniques for targeting many different species on Lures. From this point, fishing truly became Kays life passion.
Luke had his introduction to fishing around the age of 5. Like many anglers, Kay cut his fishing teeth on the jetties of coastal Queensland during family holidays. Dad, of course, was the voice of guidance and fostered his natural talent. By age 10, Luke was coming to understand more about the techniques for catching a variety of species in his local waterways. It is this solid grounding in the land based basics of fishing that have paved the way for Kays rise and rise to competition success on the tournament scene.
Luke is really enjoying his involvement with the Pro Lure Team, their sponsorship and support have been instrumental in his continued success. He is looking forward to future successes with Pro Lure and hopes to see many others enjoy the same wonderful results using Pro Lure. Kay suggests that Pro Lure should be enjoyed by comp pros and recreational angler alike, they’re just so good. “Pro Lure Grubs Tails…casting at structure… It’s deadly on XOS Bream.”

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