Michael Halliday

" Halliday, a born and bred Novocastrian, cut his fishing teeth around the ocean r… "

Halliday, a born and bred Novocastrian, cut his fishing teeth around the ocean rocks and beaches with which Newcastle is so gloriously blessed. If there is a better location more suited to a broad and diversely fulfilling angling apprenticeship, it should probably be kept a secret. Michael insists he arrived into this world with a fishing rod in his hand. Interestingly though, it was quite late in his fishing career that he discovered and turned to artificials. Now, after 13 years peppering the drink with countless casts, his insight, advice and input to the Pro Lure brand has become critical to the ongoing success Pro Lure is now enjoying in tournaments and the recreational angling market.
Michaels’ passion for lures was born out of a relentless hunt for Bream in Lake Macquarie, Australias’ largest saltwater lake, just 20 minutes south of Newcastle. A family relocation to South East Queensland is where things got really serious. Gifted a kayak from his wife and Mother in law, their biggest mistake ever, he claims, Halliday began to hone his lure skills to the point where he felt confident enough to enter his first Australian kayak Fishing Tournament. The result was less than spectacular, where after 3 rounds he had not landed one legal fish. This somewhat embarrassing setback spurned Halliday to some focused hard work on lures and technique. It really paid off. His next tournament saw him ranked 3rd overall in the Angler of the Year tally. Ever since, Halliday has been skilled enough to record 3 tournament victories along with consistently featuring in the top 5. This is a significant advancement on such humble beginnings.
Halliday also competes in the Hobie Australia Bream Tournament Series, where his lure skills and insights have seen him achieve 4 top 10 finishes. While primarily a Bream man, Halliday loves chasing, Jacks, Flathead, Whiting and Morton Bay Snapper. He also has a couple of meter plus Barra to his credit, landed from his kayak. He loves rolling D36 Cranks at night and, hopping 35mm Sicvibes through schooling fish expends his catch from the targeted Bream to elbow slapping Whiting, Spotted Javelin and decent Lizards. Michael is a true pro. His experience and advice are what makes Pro Lure such a championship contender. He loves Pro Lure and he knows you will too.

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