Richard Patterson

" Melbourne based Richard Patterson is in every way a Bream specialist. 28 year ol… "

Melbourne based Richard Patterson is in every way a Bream specialist. 28 year old Patterson has been competing against Australia’s best Bream Anglers in the Vic Bream Classic Series for a number of years and, with some impressive results. With a collection of top 10 finishes, Patterson prides himself on his hard fought second place In a Melbourne Docklands round. His favourite test however, is the Hopkins River tournament, where, under significant pressure, landed a 1.4kg Bream in the closing minutes of round 1. He thrives on the test of tournament fishing but while not in comp mode, you’ll find him casting Pro Lure Motor Oil Grubs and Pearl Green Live Yabbies at Mallacoota or in the Maribyrnong. He has a thing for the Pro Lure D36 Crank in Violet Shrimp. For the most part however, his staple is twitching soft plastics.
Richards’ love for fishing was born and nurtured in country Victoria where his home town of Wandiligong provided an idyllic playground for a 4 year old boy to discover the sport that would become his life passion. Countless, carefree hours casting spinners and hard bodies at trout and cod, proved to be the perfect learning ground. It is here, where a combination of guidance and investigative discovery, built a foundation of basics that would mature into a wealth of angling experience. It is this experience that allows Pro Lure to refine and develop their outstanding lures. Richard uses Pro Lure products under the toughest tournament conditions, where a win or loss comes down to mere grams. His input, feedback and faith in the Pro Lure brand has seen Pro Lure carve out some serious respect in the tournament angling market.

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