Pro Lure Design

Every lure in the Pro Lure range is born of a common purpose. Each lure is designed to catch more fish and better fish, more consistently. Our lures are designed by anglers for anglers and it is our shared, deep passion for fishing that drives Pro Lure performance. A Pro Lure design is not influenced by market concerns and budgets. Our lures are not a response to consumer trends or a dash for shelf space. We know, that only brilliant, well considered lure designs, take records and feature on tournament podiums. This is our goal and indeed our success. It is through our proven success in this field that we seek to earn a place in the tackle boxes of all Australians who share our passion for casting lures.


All our designs generally start as a notion that; we will likely get more of a particular species or more out of a particular technique and location, if we could only…….And then it begins. This can happen on the water whilst fishing, reviewing a day on the water, discussing a lure, or simply form out of the blue. It may even come as a request from one of our pro team. (Our very successful Live Yabbie began as a request). An idea is born, then initial chats turn concept into rough sketches. Further discussion adds colour, defined shape, materials, texture and rough specs. There is no real set time line for our creations but pure excitement to reach a prototype, with which we can hit the water, drives the first stages pretty quickly. Testing the prototype is a much longer process and involves many hours, further research, adjustments and likely repeats of this stage. This will continue until the lure is exactly what we want it to be. All our products are designed from scratch and imbued with our shared fishing passion. We own all of our own production moulds and tooling, so we can create specific products that we love to use for situations that we love to fish. We can proudly say that Pro Lure designs are truly our designs. We are tired of the faceless, heartless, rebranded shelf filler lures. We invest huge amounts of our own time developing our Lures so you can enjoy beautifully crafted, lures of distinction. There is no greater thrill for us than seeing a Pro Lure product perform perfectly, as intended, as designed.


Ideas can come from anywhere at any time. Usually, you’re out on the water when brilliance strikes. It can be inspired by location, conditions, a target species or watching bait fish. 30 casts without a touch can also be responsible for a design revelation.


There is a lot of discussion over the initial sketches. Ideas are pooled, questions asked and refinements made. Enthusiasm flavours the exchange of ideas and inputs. The excitement is palpable as an idea becomes something real.


The 3D images really brings the lure to life. All design elements have been considered and included. Still, discussion is encouraged. Refinements are justified or relegated. Eventually, a final design is agreed upon for prototype. From target and technique to texture. It’s ready. Soon, we’ll be able to touch the first incarnation.


Everybody loves it when the prototype is delivered. The lure is now a tangible, usable item. Everybody will be involved in testing. And they can’t wait. Still a long way to go however, until packaging and distribution.


Testing is rigorous, and we a highly critical. If it is not perfect, it’s not good enough and changes are made. We test and refine until the lure performs exactly as we want it to. We employ high profile, tournament pros to ensure we have a neutral, discerning eye critique the lure.


With the prototype tested to within an inch of its life, and finally agreed as perfect, the production moulds are manufactured. From this mould, another Pro Lure master piece, destined for trophies and podiums, will be delivered. These are Pro Lure moulds, of Pro Lure designs.


Our manufacturers are meticulous. This is what we demand. Their quality assurance program is outstanding. We owe this to our loyal customers and tournament pros.


It really is thrilling to see a new Pro Lure creation packaged and ready to be shipped out to one of our distributors. To see anglers from all walks of life choose Pro Lure, gives us a feeling of great pride and satisfaction. And we simply can’t contain our joy, when an angler, trying pro lure for the first time, sends us a happy snap of a personal best, caught on Pro Lure.